Hey friends, I’m Bianca. I’m a Canadian vegan foodie with a passion for health, wellness and animal welfare. I’m bringing this blog to life to share all of my nourishing, high vibrational plant based creations with you all.

Personally, I found it very hard to figure out what to eat when I was vegetarian, which is why I was totally convinced that I could never go vegan. I began researching and educating myself about plant based nutrition so I could figure out how to effectively continue with this diet without weakening my immune system, lacking protein or necessary vitamins/ minerals and keep my energy levels up. The result of my endless research and aggressive social media lurking, was that I learned how to whip up some pretty seriously vitamin rich, protein packed dishes that have changed the way I look and feel. I found a new love for cooking and creating, which I never had before.

Surprisingly, I slowly began cutting out dairy and animal products effortlessly and without thought. I no longer crave these things, which I attribute to my constant desire to experiment and figure out an alternative. This blog will be the end result of these successful experiments.

My goal here is to share quick, budget friendly and delicious meals that hopefully inspire everyone to try, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, transitioning or you’re just curious. I would never shame someone for the way they choose to eat or try to force my way of life on anyone…but if I can at least get you to do “Meatless Monday” or reduce your animal protein intake, that would be pretty tight!