• Creamy Mac and No Chez!

    Alright, pals, it’s finally here… my creamy, dreamy mac and no chez! I admit this has taken me ages to upload, but I wanted to make sure it was perfect. To be totally honest though, what I’ve concluded is that this isn’t totally perfect and you will have to make small adjustments to it either way. […]

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    December 5, 2017 By Bianca
  • Nourishing Buddha Bowl

    Eating out of a bowl is amazing and this nourishing buddha bowl packs a heavy punch of flavour. It’s easy to assemble, has a pretty quick cook time and it will leave you full and satisfied. This bowl contains roughly 20g of protein, which isn’t bad for a meal composed of nearly all carbohydrates, but […]

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    October 12, 2017 By Bianca
  • Lentil Bolognese Recipe

    The BEST Lentil Bolognese

    Okay, for those of you who follow my Instagram page, you know I’ve been teasing this Lentil Bolognese recipe for a few weeks now. Partly because I wanted to make sure I had the perfect, quick recipe down pat and partly because I decided to start this blog and wanted to make sure I had […]

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    September 7, 2017 By Bianca